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KOMP. SURYA BUANA Blok L 19,cipadu, Larangan, Tangerang, tangerang
Indonesia 15155

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Detail FURUNO FCV-620

So what is (DSP) Digital Filter Processing?

You’ve probably heard about digital fish finders, but aren’t quite sure what the difference is. The main difference is the filtering capabilities and auto adjustments of the receiver. Furuno's new DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology helps adjust gain, STC “Clutter” and output power, as well as suppress main bang (the echoes just below the transducer.) It also makes the picture clearer and easier to decipher. This new technology enhances the detection capability in both shallow and deep water. But even the best digital filter won’t help unless you start with a solid basis, such as Furuno’s renowned award winning fish finder technology. That's why over and above the DSP cababilities, Furuno still offers the ability to manually adjust all your settings for the ultimate sounder performance ideally suited for your conditions and your preferred fishing method.

The Digital Difference

The easiest way to "clean up" up the display is to automatically adjust the gain to a weaker lever. Furuno's DSP has the ability to automatically adjust the receiver to show uncluttered clear individual fish targets without eliminating and deleting the weak target echoes.

• Two types of Auto Mode available: Cruising and Fishing

• Fast pulse transmission rate to achieve outstanding shallow water echo presentation

• Dual frequency 50/200 kHz

• High output power of 600 W

• TLL output for an interfaced GPS plotter display

• 5.6" sunlight viewable bright 256 color LCD with a wide viewing angle

• Echo presentation in 8/16/64 color gradation

• Customized NAV data display when interfaced with appropriate sensors

• New design that allows the display unit to swivel around when table-top mounted

• Easy to flush mount

• Easy to operate by two rotary knobs for gain control and mode changes

The FURUNO FCV-620 is a high performance, dual-frequency coloUr digital echo sounder (50 and 200 kHz) with high transmission output power of 600 Watts. It has been designed for small fishing and recreational boats. FURUNO's 50 years of proven marine electronics technologies are concentrated into its compact waterproof unit.

One of the main features of the FCV-620 is the digital filter, which helps adjust gain, STC and output power. Also, it suppresses main bang (echoes just below transducer) so that the fish echoes below the transducer can easily be observed. This employment of the new technology facilitates outstanding detection both in

shallow and deep water.

There are four basic operational modes: Single-Frequency (50 or 200 kHz), Dual-Frequency, Zoom (Marker Zoom/Bottom Zoom/Bottom-Lock) and NAV data. For operation simplicity, an Auto mode is also provided. There are two types of Auto Mode available: Cruising and Fishing. Fully utilizing the digital filtering technology finest echo picture for different purposes can constantly be obtained.

When networked with a GPS sensor and speed sensor, the own ship position and own ship’s speed can be confirmed on the screen. TLL of the favorite fishing spot can be registered to the networked GPS plotter for the next fishing trip.

Brilliant High Definition Display

The FCV-620 employs a 5.6" color LCD (TFT) screen for vivid display and wide viewing angle. Its new unit design concept allows the display unit to swivel around when desktop mounted. Also, a quick release bracket makes flush mount installation quick and simple.

Effective & Universal Mounting

The FCV-620 employs the new design concept that allows the display unit to

swival around when desktop-mounted. You can adjust the angle of the face of

the display unit so that optimum viewing of the echo picture can be achieved.

Tips Transaksi Aman

Indonetwork.co.id adalah direktori online yang mempertemukan pembeli dan penjual. Kami tidak menjamin transaksi yang terjadi diantara penjual dan pembeli, oleh karena itu kedua belah pihak diharap dapat berhati - hati dalam melakukan transaksi.

  • Telfon/email penjual sebelum transaksi.
  • Jangan terburu-buru transfer DP dengan janji harga murah,dsb.
  • Cek kesamaan semua dokumen KTP, invoice, nomor rekening, alamat usaha penjual, dsb.
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